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What to Expect

What to Expect.

1. We are a caring, loving, congregation of born again believers in the Lord Jesus Christ.

2. We are called to be on mission with God. We believe in Lifestyle Evangelism.

3. We are gifted to serve the Kingdom of God.

4. Our worship is blended. That means we sing hymns from the Baptist Hymnal, Heavenly Highway Hymnal, and Light Contemporary.

   We have a  balanced worship using all to bring Glory to God.

5. We believe as we serve God and worship Him what we do should be for "Benefit of All" and the "Glory of One", Our Heavenly   Father.

6. The Preaching of the Word of God is God-Centered, relevant to the day and hour in which we live, and beneficial to all who will receive the truth of God's Word.

7. We are intentional about having a personal relationship with God through our Lord Jesus Christ.

8. We believe there is only one way to God. The way to God is through Jesus Christ and His shed blood.